Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition (SKC) is a non-partisan, independent national alliance of youth leaders and their organizations aimed at amplifying youth voices.

Members:  Individual Youth Leaders, Community and School Organizations, Alliances and Professional Societies. 
Founded on
: August 18, 2013.
Mailing Address: SKC National Support Team Office, 1215 Wack Wack Royal Mansion, Mandaluyong City 

Mission & Vision

Building a strong coalition of young people and their organizations that will work in solidarity to amplify youth voices, create venues for learning and leadership development, and promote cooperation between the youth sector, the government, and other sectors of the society to attain lasting peace.


  1. Establish a strong, inclusive, independent, non-partisan, non-sectarian coalition for youth empowerment:
  2.  Align and coordinate youth and youth serving campaigns, projects, activities and movements nationwide;
  3.  Serve as an impactful network for resource sharing and maximization aimed at developing sustainable, effective, responsive, accountable and transparent projects, campaigns and activities for the youth;
  4.  Participate in government and non-government organization policy development processes to help address various youth-related issues.




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