The works of Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition (United Youth’s Voice) relies solely on the voluntary contribution of time and effort from its members and unlike any other organization we do not have regular fund sources or grants.

Therefore, we are always grateful when benefactors such as you or your organization that is able to generously support the participation of young members of our community. Whether through financial or in-kind donations, we are deeply indebted to you for your kindness.

In-Kind Donations needed to sustain SKC Projects and Activities:

  1. School Supplies 
  2. Books and Toys 
  3. Medicines (Distribution in partnership with Member Nurses and other Medical Organizations)
  4. Cameras for documentation


Cash Donations will be used for the procurement of Goods/supplies, Reproduction of Advocacy/information materials, and transportation of In-Kind donations, for current projects like the Books and Toys for the Mangyan Children Project ,and; Civic Awareness Raising and Leadership Workshop for Community based Youth organizations.
For your donations or partnership proposals, kindly communicate with us via  or send a message to our FB page

You may also deposit your donations to our Vice-President’s Account:

ACCOUNT NAME: Lelit Escartin Estipona
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6866 1590 66
ACCOUNT NAME: Lelit Estipona
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 10 120 003723 2

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