About the Project

The Books and Toys for the Mangyan Children Project is a project by the Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition(United Youth’s Voice) which is inspired by a Vietnamese Project called Xay Truong Cho em (School for Kids).

We saw the need for Education materials and the School facility itself at the Alangan-Mangyan Community in Victoria Mindoro when SKC team visited the place last May 3-5 ,2014 for a Gift giving and Feeding Activity.

About them

The Alangan Mangyans live in the municipalities of Naujan, Baco, San Teodoro, and Victoria in Oriental Mindoro, and in the municipality of Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro.

The name Alangan was derived from the name of a river and mountain slopes in the upper Alangan Valley [Leykamm, 1979].

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Sooner we are hoping that we could not just help be a channel and provide Education Materials and Toys to Alangan-Mangyan Children at Gloria, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines but also to build schools in their communities as part of our campaign in promoting Education for All.



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