[Event] TOKHANG Spoken Word Poetry Night

Kamusta feelings mo?

-Na #Tokhang, bes. 😭

Poster Des (Dark Color Scheme) Rev 6 Dark Rose.jpg
Love month’s over and #Tokhang’s trending— nopes, not in the news and definitely not in the alleys of Manila.

Tokhang is a contraction of the bisaya words toktok hangyo which means knock and negotiate. On March 22, let’s make some #Tokhang. Let’s once again knock on our lovers’ hearts and win them back with our poetry reading! 🙂

Proceeds from this event will go to the Books and Toys for Mangyan Children Project.

And yep, worry no more –we got your dinner covered!

Join us on the 22nd of March at Misono Teppanyaki, 124 Jupiter, Makati and enjoy a night of music, poetry, and advocacy.

All that at 350.00 pesos per pax 🙂


For more info please email us at rotaract.fbgc@gmail.com or message our page.


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