Majority of Filipino youth unaware of federalism

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A survey conducted by the #FedUP Youth Initiative for Federalism has found that while interest on federalism is very high; 58 percent of Filipino college students have no idea of what federalism is.

The survey conducted among 1,500 college and university student from all over the country was part of #FedUP’s efforts to spread awareness of federalism and its benefits among the youth. At the same time, the survey also found that 91 percent of respondents believe that federalism is relevant in their lives and 94 percent have expressed a desire to learn more about it.

The survey found that the bulk of youth support for federalism came from Visayas and Mindanao of which 70 percent and 84 percent of the respondents from the area expressed their support for a move towards federalism. In Luzon and Metro Manila 59 percent and 39 percent of the respondents expressed their support respectively.

Most of the respondents believe that federalism can help address the problems of peace and security, equal opportunity for all, and the delivery of government services. Ellirie Aviles #FedUP’s National Youth Convenor says “The survey validates our group’s stand that support and interest for federalism among the youth is already there.  What we need to do moving forward is to provide our fellow youth the reliable and accurate information they need to make an informed choice about this issue that will affect our lives and futures.”

#FedUP is a non-partisan youth driven initiative that aims to create awareness on the benefits of federalism amongst college and university students through a series of campus tours and student workshops. To view the survey details and to know more about #FedUP please visit the groups Facebook page ( )


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