Books and Toys for the Mangyan Children Project  & Gift Giving to the Mangyan Community (Tadyawan Tribe)


In the Morning of May 3 , 2015, SKC Team traveled to Oriental Mindoro; Starting fromIMG_1195 Cubao , Quezon City to Batangas Sea Port via bus, Cargo ship from Batangas Sea Port to Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, and finally via Public Van from Calapan City to Gloria, Oriental Mindoro where our host’s house is located.

The Vitto Family opened IMG_1302their house to SKC as part of their commitment to this Mission. Upon arrival, SKC team settled and proceeded to the orientation of 10 volunteers.

The BTMC Team has collected 14 Boxes of Medicines, Rice & Canned Goods, Clothes, books, Teaching aids, Balls: Basketball, Soccerball, Volleyball, and Toys. The Donations were from G.Q.W.E.S.T, CANVAS , ANG NARS, M.Y. Rights and Many individual donors. That night, it was all repacked and prepared for distribution for the next day.

IMG_1287Before the Day ended, the Team gathered at the nearby seashore for a bonfire for some sharing, and to pray for a successful activity in the morning.

A community church has also committed their multicab vehicle for the project activity by which the pastor himself has volunteered to drive for us.

By May 5, 8:00 AM, the team started to travel to the Mangyan Community located at the top of a mountain in Bansud, Oriental Mindoro.


We are surprised that the pastor has already contacted a Mangyan elder/Leader who has been waiting for us halfway to their community.

The Mangyan elder/Leader then guided us and upon arrival at the tribe, told his brothers and sisters not to be afraid and to gather at their multi-purpose hall.

DSC_0656At first, we really had a hard time gathering the Mangyan People, especially the children since they are scared of outsider (non-tribe members). So we thought about playing the colorful balls from the Philippine Sports Commission to catch their attention and it was effective. The Children and Youth started to gather around the volunteers who were playing volleyball and later on joined them , along with some adult Mangyans.

AS we noticed the increase in number of people, we started to communicate with the Elders (Who could speak and understand Tagalog) to gather the people inside the multi-purpose hall.

Many has participated to our program inside the hall which started with preliminaries, some interactions, a mass lead by the 2 pastors who accompanied us, and finally, the Gift giving activity.

As we started the Gift giving, we noticed the increase in number of the Participants but have realized that upon getting the gifts, some were already leaving the area.

A pair of Book was given to each Mangyan Child, together with a water bag from Aquabest, a ballpen from the Generics Pharmacy, clothes, candies, and a toy.

A box of Books and Teaching aids were supposedly turned over to the Mangyan Teacher, unfortunately, she was not around and the community does not have any facility for the materials so we brought it back to Brgy.Langgang, Gloria for safekeeping but it is still to be turned over when the Mangyan Teacher arrives.

A set of balls (basketball, volleyball, and soccerball) was turned over to one of the DSC_0915Mangyan Leaders whilst all Mangyan Present during the gift giving received every kind of goods that we have.

A total of 5 sets of Balls were distributed in Oriental Mindoro; one in the Mangyan Community, one in Langgang Elementary School , one to each of the two Churches that helped us, and one to Brgy.Langgang, Gloria, Oriental Mindoro.

The First activity of the Project has been completed but we have planned 1 more conduct this year.

The 2nd activity is planned to be conducted on December 2015 which may include the story telling, games, and other education & culture enriching activities.

That concludes the first Activity of the First Phase of the BTMC Project of Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition.

We would like to express our profound gratitude to all Donors, to Vitto Family who opened their Home for us, the Volunteers, the Community Churches who Guided us, the Kind People of Brgy.Langgang, Gloria, Mindoro, the Mangyan People for accepting us, and to those who helped in the preparation for the activity here in Metro Manila!  

Please Keep supporting us and Let’s continue the #BTMCchallenge to raise awareness regarding this Initiative!


*On May 5, before our travel back to Metro Manila, the BTMC Team had a sidetrip at the same beach we had our bonfire. The BTMC team had the opportunity to relax a bit and was toured by a Bantay Dagat to a marine reserve. ###

You may visit the following links for more info about the BTMC project:                                                                           

More photos here 


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