Let’s do the #BTMCchallenge !

Let’s do the #BTMCchallenge!

The Books and Toys for the Mangyan Children [Project] or BTMC Challenge is our way of raising the people’s awareness about our campaign for the Empowerment of Ethnic Minority Children and Youth through Education.

The BTMC Project does not only aim to provide books and Toys but to bring education up the mountains.  Education is our hope, our key for real empowerment!

How to do the #BTMCchallenge ?

#1 Take your selfies/groufies with a message on a sign which invites people to donate, volunteer , and be a part of the Project!

#2 Upload it on Facebook, Twitter , Tumblr, Instagram and other social networking sites. Use hashtags #BTMCchallenge #Education4MangyanKids and insert our link http://www.fb.com/bt4mangyankids  & bt4mangyankids.strikingly.com

#3 Tag as many friends as you can! Challenge them to do the #BTMCchallenge too and raise awareness about our campaign.

Selected Posts & #BTMCchallenge Selfies/Groufies will be featured in our page everyday. 🙂

The BTMC Project was launched last December 9, 2014 after the first collaborative outreach activity with a local church on May 3-5, 2014.  The first phase was successfully conducted in Gloria and Bansud, Oriental Mindoro last May 3-5 , 2015 and we are doing it again this year! Come join us! 😀

This will be an annual project of SKC that will happen every May 3-5 of the Year. 🙂

Make your summer worthy! Let’s Empower Ethnic Minority Children!


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