Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition named Finalist for Making All Voices Count #EdTech Competition, Sponsored to ANSA-EAP’s 3-day #E-Camp Unconference: Social Accountability for Better Education Services

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SKC President Ellirie Aviles represented the coalition as ‘Students’ Alternative Report Program’ Idea was named finalist for Making All Voices Count (MAVC) #EdTech Competition.

Aviles was sponsored by the MAVC  to the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific’s 3-day #E-Camp unconference 2014 themed “Social Accountability for Better Education Services” at the Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay. The pitching for the a possible incubation support with mentoring , in preparation for potential innovation grants up to GBP 40,000 will take place at the E-camp.

There are 10 Participating Countries to the said unconference namely Philippines, Cambodia , Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan , America, Mongolia ,Vietnam , India, and Pakistan.

The MAVC pitching Session took place at the Second day of the #E-CAMP  where SKC was the first one to present. Others who have pitched are professionals and experts in the field of Education , Project and Innovation, Social Accountability and Good Governance.

“Though we didn’t win the competition, we are very honored to have the opportunity to make it to the finals  and have the chance to compete with very awesome people like them. I am thankful for the judges who made very good comments that we could use to further develop our idea.” Aviles said.

According to him, it is not just the knowledge learned during the 6 break-out sessions and the whole E-Camp Unconference that he will be taking home but the camaraderie that was built among participants from various parts of Asia and the Pacific.


Banner photo Credits to MAVC


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