Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition conducts first Community Leadership Seminar/Workshop & Basic Orientation Seminar at Marilao, Bulacan

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November 5,2014

The Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition conducted its first Community Youth Leadership Seminar/Workshop & Basic Orientation Seminar at Harmony II, Brgy.Loma de Gato, Marilao Bulacan as part of the National Caravan campaign for Youth Leadership Advancement and Civic Awareness raising.

31 Youth Leaders from Marilao, Malolos and San Jose Del Monte actively and enthusiastically participated to the said activity.

Mr.Romeo, one of the Barangay Officials welcomed us and delivered the message of Solidarity from the Chairwoman of the Barangay underscoring the support and promotion of the Brgy.Loma de Gato to SKC’s initiatives.

Mr.Wilson Fortaleza of the Partido ng Manggagawa delivered a lecture with topics: “Counting the Youth, Their Dreams for a good life , Youth unemployment , the young “Precariats” , other downsides , optimist vs. Negatrons, New role in the Society” to which our participants has listened carefully and attentively.Knowing and Learning new things about the reality of the Youth’s Situation related to Labour,Education and Rights Violation obviously changed the atmosphere.

Most reacted negatively and affirmed the still-existent malpractice and abuse of the Youth called “PRECARIATS”.

Sis.Nery Buban of Public Services Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK) joined us and facilitated the conduct of the Workshop entitled: “Liberation Game”.

The Liberation game is a proven effective leadership workshop created by the Public Services Labor Independent Confederation through extensive research.

Among with the topics discussed is the Global week of Action to reclaim education(We are Students, Not Costumers!) this November 17-22,2014. The Youth Leaders were oriented and were consulted about the global week of action.

We are thanking the  Municipal Mayor,Hon.Juanito Santiago that though has not physically attended, extended his support through endorsing and financially aiding our activity.

We are extending our gratitude to all the participants ,Volunteers , & the Barangay Officials who warmly welcomed us.

Makialam!Makiisa! Makibahagi!  

Sama-Sama nating Palakasin ang Sigaw ng Kabataan! 

#1Nation1Struggle #1World1Struggle #Sigaw_Ko #SigawngKabataan #SKCCaravan2014 #EducationNot4sale


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