PSLINK urging the Sandigan Bayan to speed up the graft case Syjuco


Annie Enriquez Geron, General Secretary of Public Services Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK) and former President of Samahang Malaya at Nagkakaisang Kawani ng TESDA (SAMAKA-TESDA) called on the Sandiganbayan to speed up the cases against Augusto “Buboy” Syjuco Jr. who is implicated in a number of graft charges in connection with anomalous transactions and overpricing of TESDA equipment during the Arroyo administration.

“We expressed our concerns over a seemingly slow pace of litigation in the country’s anti-graft court. We are afraid that the wheel of justice is taking a very slow movement because of the almost 2,600 cases now pending with the Sandiganbayan,” lamented Annie Geron.

“We are astonished at how Syjuco has been trying desperately to position himself as an advocate of good governance and anti-corruption when on the contrary, he has yet to answer for all the shenanigans and abuses of funds he committed during his reign as TESDA chief,” said Geron in a statement.

“Mr. Syjuco has no moral ascendancy to shout about anti-corruption programs. He is a fake crusader and does not have an iota of credibility. No one believes him. He enriched himself using government funds intended for the youth scholars of TESDA,” she added.

Geron said PSLINK and TESDA employees are counting on the Aquino administration and the Sandiganbayan to make sure the justice system will work towards punishing those who were involved in multi-billion corruption cases that happened in the TESDA during the term of Syjuco.

She fears that the litigation of Syjuco’s cases will take five to eight years because of complicated proceedings in the Sandiganbayan; as well as the multiple cases pending in that court.

“We cannot wait until forever. Our leaders must ensure that our cases must be promulgated if the Aquino administration is serious in its bid against corruption. Any further delay is intolerable,” stressed Geron.

Syjuco, who was TESDA chief from 2004 to 2010, is being investigated by the Sandiganbayan for a variety of irregularities involving overpricing of training tools and equipment for TESDA’s Ladderized Education Program (LEP-TES), along with dubious appropriation of the agency’s funds. Geron is among the complainants against Syjuco.



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