Light-up for FOI

Sigaw ng kabataan coalition joined the Light-up 4 FOI activity of the Right to know , Right now coalition on the International Right to know day last Friday night , September 27, 2013 at the gate of the Batasan complex together with Public Service Labor Independent Confederation , FYI, QCPU Supreme Student Council – Council of leaders and other groups and individuals that aims for the passage of the FOI act.

Some of our champions from the House of the Representatives also joined us and spoke some inspiring words to mark the start of our battle for the 16th congress.

The QCPU SSC-COL also presented a flash mob that encourages the youth to join the battle for the passage of the People’s FOI. Whilst the Freedom of information youth initiative lead the crowd to sing “Tayo na sa FOI” song.

This candle lighting ceremony aims to enlighten our legislators of how vital the People’s Freedom of information act is.To catalyze the passage of the bill that will promote transparency and good governance. To eradicate corruption and corrupt officials. To resurrect hope and trust among our compatriots.


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