SKC joins Million People March to Luneta

By: Franz Erika M. Emmanuel and Amy T. Santiago

SNK participate in Million People March to Luneta
SKC participate in Million People March to Luneta

Over hundreds of thousands of people who join the revolutionary march last Monday August 26, 2013. Our Coalition “Sigaw ng Kabataan” together with the Public Service Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK), Quezon City Polytechnic University Supreme Student Council (QCPUSSC) and Council Of Leaders (COL) at the same school joins the march with no uncertainty and with their full support. The march started on 9:00 am at Liwasang Bonifacio that was headed by the PSLINK confederation, wearing white t-shirts as a symbol of our transparency, Followed by the PALEA wearing red t-shirts as a symbol of their revolts and courageousness. The march ends at around 11 in the morning after arriving at the Luneta Park, in the middle of thousands of people at the place we keep on shouting what we want our President Noynoy Aquino should approved. These are “FOI FOI”, “IPASA IPASA” or simply translates to “Approve the Freedom Of Information (FOI) Bill”that the people had been fighting for over years and until now the bill hasn’t been approved yet. This is a bill that can give enlightenment to all the people at the country on how the official of the government governs us. Another one is “ABOLISH ABOLISH”, “ABOLISH PORK BARREL”,this is one of the major reasons of the people who participated at the march and that is to abolish the PDAF or Priority development assistance fund.

Thousands of people at the Luneta Park including regular people to civic and showbiz personalities, workers, priests, nuns, medias, students, different organizations especially our coalition “SIGAW NG KABATAAN” and even families with their children’s, united for a single purpose. That is to stop the stretching out anomaly and corruption in the government. We fight for change and on our needs and grievances. These are the people’s complaints that the officials of the government should give full priority to. We cannot deny the fact that a lot of people is aiming to abolish the Pork Barrel. But before anything else, do you know what Pork Barrel is? And what’s the reason behind all the abolishing of PDAF? Here’s the answer to these questions. The Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) also known as “Pork Barrel” is sum of appropriation in the annual General Appropriation Act to programs and projects of the government. It is the government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative’s district. Typically, “Pork” involves funding for government programs whose economic or service benefits are concentrated in a particular area but whose costs are spread among all taxpayers. Critics charged that they fund “Pork barrel” projects which have traditionally been a source of corruption. At the center of controversy is businesswoman Janet Lim- Napoles, who allegedly connived with legislators to draw off some P10 billion from the fund. She has gone into hiding after being charged with the illegal detention of one of the whistleblowers.

In our generation,the youth should be aware on what’s happening on our country. Let’s keep in mind that whatever complaints that we utter, always think of an appropriate action. This Million People March that our coalition “SIGAW NG KABATAAN” attended is just a start, we’ll prove that our organization is not merely word oriented, let’s initiate changes for progress. This is the time to do something for our country, Let’s fight for the rights of the youth! Let’s be a leader! This is not a pointless fight, it is also for our betterment as youth citizens of our country.


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